Dear users of SG vehicles, partners:

In recent years, China's automobile manufacturing has been undergoing rapid development, and people are expecting more than ever the application of the science and innovation in this field. All indicates that the automobile manufacturing industry has entered an era of constant upgrading and innovation that features smart interconnection.

As early as 1951 when SG was established, Laohuanghai served as an automobile repair factory of the Logistics Department of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, providing a strong support in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. Today, Laohuanghai, which has long been established as a "famous brand" in China, is still a symbol of the friendship between China and North Korea. As the flagship of China's city bus, Laohuanghai has won numerous reputation and attention in the biddings during the Beijing Olympic Games. Now, Huanghai special vehicles can be seen working at many airports, docks, and even civilian markets. All of those glories shining like stars come from the unyielding support of our suppliers and partners, and most importantly, from you, our users, because it is you who always trust us and love us. Therefore, we must speed up the scientific innovation so that we can repay your unremitting support and love with high-quality products, superb driving experience, and excellent service.

A new trend of the new era heralds a new opportunity for SG. In a spirit of struggling and dedication, we are closely incorporating the latest trend of the auto industry into our products, and we shall continue to pursue the innovation and excellent service and forge a global an automobile brand that is trusted by customers all over the world. Only in doing so can we meet the ever-changing demand of the auto industry, establish the emotional relationship between the brand and users, and provide a more welcoming platform on which users and us can communicate.

We firmly believe that the reason why we can constantly transcend ourselves and pursue the perfect lies in our lofty ideals, steadfast values and real actions. We know that only when we stay true to our original aspirations and strive forward, can we make our brand thrive.

We promise that scientific and technological innovation will always be the core of our development, and we cherish more than ever the suggestions from users and partners. Thank you again for your continuous attention and support. As a new and promising force in the automobile manufacturing industry of China, we know for sure that a brighter future is waiting for us.

About SG

Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd ( “SG Automotive Group” or “SG SHARES” for short), headquartered in Dandong, Liaoning Province, is a large automobile group with complete vehicle, axle and components as its main business. SG Automotive Group owns two brands---HUANGHAI AUTO and SG AXLE, one national accredited Tech Center and one National Level Automobile Parts Test Center. Honored as National Complete Vehicle Export Base, SG Automotive Group is able and qualified to design and manufacture all kinds of complete vehicles, and masters the R & D and manufacturing capability of core components including traditional axle, electric drive axle, hub motor and chassis system, etc. Till now, it has formed three complete vehicle production facilities and eight axle and component production facilities in eight cities and six provinces across the country.

SG Automotive Group was formerly known as Andong Automobile Repair Factory of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army Logistics Department. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the old Huanghai provided strong supplies transportation support for the volunteer army at the forefront of the 1950-1953 Korean War. In the early days of the reform and opening up, Huanghai vehicles could be seen in many places, no matter in cities or countries, in mountains or deserts, at many big national moments like the Beijing Summer Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics. Focused on quality, SG Automotive Group has formed a sales network covering 34 provincial-level administrative regions and its products have been exported to over 40 countries and regions.

A Promising Future

Human beings are always curious about the unknown, and innovation is propelled by the discovery of new knowledge! The over 130-year-old world automobile development history tells us that only innovation can promote upgrading and updating, and only classics can last forever! SG Automotive Group dares to establish higher goals, break through barriers, explore the unknown and forge ahead with determination to embrace the enormous innovation-generated energy! Here in SG Automotive Group, innovation and classics go hand in hand, which will definitely bring infinite possibilities!

Scientific and technological innvotation has always been the source power for achieving high quality development, and is also the key for SG Automotive Group to practice the double carbon goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” as well as help achieve the double carbon goal. With the strategy of building "China's first-class new energy commercial vehicle Group" and "international first-class axle and component chassis modular supplier", SG Automotive Group has embarked on a new journey of transformation and reconstruction. It speeds up its pace towards intelligent, green and advanced, and strives to build a smart automobile industrial cluster ecological operator with automobile manufacturing as the main line. SG Automotive Group adheres to independent innovation to better promote the "SG " and "HUANGHAI" brands and to contribute to the global leading strategy of "China manufacturing, China intelligent manufacturing and China creating” so as to enble the Chinese brands stand more stable on the global market.

Pushing the Boundary of Science and Technology

SG Automotive Group breaks through boundaries, challenges conventions and refuses all forms of restraints. While breaking through the boundaries of science and technology, we highlight freedom, overcome obstacles to explore the next frontier of imagination. SG Automotive Group not only owns a National Accredited Tech Center, a National Level Bus Quality Inspection, Testing & Appraisal Institute and a National Level axle Testing Center, but also owns the core technology of battery, motor and motor controller as well as that of 4WD electric axle, thus on route to becoming a “ new role” of green value leader.

In the R&D field of new energy vehicle, SG Automotive Group has always adhered to the strategy of "in technology, research and production of generation generation generation", closely followed the world's mainstream technology, continuously increased investment in independent innovation, focused on core products and businesses, and comprehensively recreated the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain. With new energy and intelligence as the core, we improve the sequence of new energy products; With self-independent R&D, independent innovation as the leading, we master the core technology; With the concept of scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, we will create the whole industrial chain layout of new energy vehicles "intelligence, network, lightweight, and low-carbon" and gradually realize the electrification of products, manufacturing intelligentization, and market internationalization.

We are always excited, fascinated by exploring the unknown, seeking the boundaries of science and technology.

Building a Better Life
Sustainable Development

Corporate social responsibility is the fundamental for SG Automotive Group to progress harmoniously with its shareholders, employees, customers and the environment as a whole. We are deeply aware that a better life, exploration of the unknown and scientific and technological innovation is the driving forces for human progress. A bright future creates dreams; exploring the unknown opens the future; and scientific and technological innovation turns dreams into reality. The significance of sustainable development has become the best expression for SG Automotive Group to break through constraints, strengthen innovation and pay tribute to a better life.

The picture of history is spread out in continuous hardworking; The Chapter of Times is written in innovation and development. As a domestic self-owned brand automobile&component manufacturer, SG Automotive Group, adhering to the business philosophy of building a century-old SG, international SG and opening SG, adheres to the guidance of green development as the leader, the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, and the pursuit of excellent experience, and strives to build SG Automotive Group into a leader of ecological operators of automotive "intelligent manufacturing" industrial clusters, and unremittingly works hard to create a better life!

Industrial Real Estate
Financial Business
SG maintains in-depth cooperation with THREE state-level labora
FOUR self-built R&D and production bases of Huanghai vehicle to keep constant innovation.
Huanghai Special Vehicle
Huanghai New Energy Vehicle
Dandong Base
Light vehicle pickup base

Financial department of SG Automotive Group CO. LTD. is supported by FIVE business centers and, as the department responsible for the Group’s financial business, has set up special business teams in Beijing, Shenzhen and Dandong, respectively, and maintains long-term and in-depth cooperation with dozens of financial institutions, local governments, industrial groups and industrial institutions.

In the future, the Financial Department of SG Group will take the mission to open up an incomparably broad territory of financial capital to support the business of the Group to reach an unprecedented height.

NINETEEN series and five platforms with over 100 kinds of high-quality vehicle axles and auto parts
(SG is the long-term and stable axle supplier for many front-line auto manufacturers, such as JAC, FOTON and GWM.) to make innovation more valuable and earn unlimited trust from our partners.

NINE self-built innovation and production bases of SG axles and auto parts with strong technology to supply core and auxiliary auto parts to many domestic auto manufacturers, including JAC, FOTON, CHANGAN AUTO, SAIC MOTOR, WULING, FAW, KAMA, Wuzheng, Brilliance Auto, DONGFENG MOTOR, GAC, Kuayue, LINGBOX, GWM and ANKAI.

with strong technology accumulation, SG has a complete Huanghai bus product line of 5-18 meters and over ONE HUNDRED bus product announcements, covering both the traditional energy and new energy bus market segments.

in SG, there is a R & D team of over THREE HUNDRED staffs providing you with innovative, sustainable and safe auto travel solutions. Your needs will always be our priority—— to serve you with the most practical know how and provide you with brand new and unprecedented driving experience through innovation and integrated technology.

SG takes an area of TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN POINT SIX hectares and upholds the idea of “innovation, exploration and sustainable development” to continuously strengthen its technology accumulation in the bus, pickup truck, special vehicle and new energy vehicle, and explores more travel solutions through constant innovation and reform.

by taking an area of NINTY ONE POINT FOUR hectares, Dandong Huanghai New Energy Industry Base containing 6 production lines is capable of producing 30000 new energy and clean energy buses annually.

Great innovation, strong driving, high growth

Through strategic innovation service, management innovation service, operation efficiency improvement service, project implementation and industrial cluster plus service and talent support service, the Industrial Real Estate Department of SG Group can assist all kinds of real-estate enterprises to change the mode of growth from scale and resource driving development to operation ability driving development, so as to achieve higher product innovation, operation and capital efficiency; and to transfer the growth resource from land resource to "Industrial Park +" operation assets, so as to open a high-speed growth space.

Finance promotes industrial upgrading

With the financial license and financial leasing license, SG’s financial business supports the stable and far-reaching development of its partners, meets the financial needs of other enterprises, drives the benign development of industry entities, and creates unlimited commercial value.

Make innovation more valuable

With the strong driving force brought by scientific and technological innovation, SG will grow into a diversified sustainable group company "embraced by society, respected by industry, trusted by shareholders and employees". We insist on fully integrating the maximum values of the company, employees and shareholders into SG's overall development strategy to accelerate the realization of win-win output for various parties.

Future, what can we create?
SG's vision and mission is to build a better life in the future through innovation, exploration and sustainable development.
Positioning: the operator of smart vehicle industry cluster ecology.
Vision: to be the leader of "smart vehicle industry cluster innovation ecology".
Mission: to create an automobile innovation ecological mode of "developing the city with auto industry while promoting auto industry through city’s development, integrating auto industry into city’s development, and interaction between auto industry and finance"!
Interaction between Auto Industry and Finance.

N Companies to Be Listed

Incubate N listed companies based on mergers

and acquisitions, spin off, axle, vehicle, supply

Integrate Auto Industry into City’s Development

3 Major Platforms

Build 3 enabling platforms

Auto enabling platform, park enabling platform, financial enabling platform

Promote Auto Industry through City’s Development

2 Types of Cluster

Build 2 types of industrial clusters.

Auto Product Ecological Cluster, Auto Service Ecological Cluster.

Develop the City with Auto Industry

1 Core

Focus on 1 core industry

Auto Industry

Other honors


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